Queen of Denmark

John Grant – Queen of Denmark

In 2010, MOJO declared John Grant’s “Queen Of Denmark” the Best Album Of The Year. It was an epic collection of songs that tackled his personal issues with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the personal and public struggles associated with his homosexuality. Currently out of print in the US, Partisan Records will be reissuing the breakthrough album on vinyl for Record Store Day 2016 and will include an exclusive 7″ featuring two live tracks performed with the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

1. TC and Honeybear
2. Marz
3. Where Dreams Go To Die
4. Sigourney Weaver
5. Chicken Bones
6. Silver Platter Club
7. It’s Easier
8. Outer Space
9. Jesus Hates Faggots
10. Caramel
11. Leopard and Lamb
12. Queen of Denmark

A: Marz (Live with the Royal Northern Sinfonia, Nov 2014)
B: Queen of Denmark (Live with the Royal Northern Sinfonia Nov 2014)


Release Date: 4/16/2016
Format: LP
Label: Partisan Records
Quantity: 1500

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release


More Details at the Record Store Day Website