John Grant Lets the Dogs Out in Surreal New Video For ‘Love Is Magic:’ Premiere

Now, Grant has visualized the message for his song with a brand new music video, premiering on Billboard today (Aug. 7). While the singer himself does not appear in the video, he makes up for his absence through the presence of a number of extremely well-trained dogs. The good boys and girls show off their tricks and stunts they can do with their owners throughout the whole video, while Grant’s haunting electronic voice hovers above, singing about love.

In a statement to Billboard, Grant succinctly sums up why he decided to use this very specific vision for his video.

“Fanny’s [the video’s director] video is a beautiful snapshot of unconditional love,” he says. “But obviously, there is still a lot of work involved. At least on the dog’s part.”

The singer’s upcoming album Love Is Magic, out Oct. 12, aims to complete the transition he started on his 2015 album Grey Tickles, Black Pressure by making a record almost entirely of various kinds of electronic music, which is evidenced in the titular song and its video.

Grant has made waves over the past few years as a fresh, uniquely queer voice in the music industry. His song “Snug Slacks,” a sexy, strange dance number about an older and younger man hooking up, was hailed as one of Pitchfork’s “50 Songs That Define The Last 50 Years of LGBTQ+ Pride.

Check out the full video for Grant’s “Love Is Magic” below..