John Grant Guardian Interview

Four years ago John Grant flew into Reykjavik for the Iceland Airwaves festival, walked into a shop and was recognised by a local: “His name was Denni. He said: ‘Hey, man, I love your stuff – if you want to go out to the country and see some things…’ and he took me on a three-hour drive.”

Grant had been drifting following two decades of bingeing on sex, drugs and alcohol. Viewing Iceland up close, he “saw this lunar and otherworldly landscape. A cold and treeless Hawaii. The light, the air, the language…” Language is important to Grant; he speaks German, Russian and Spanish, and has “a smattering of French, enough for them to understand, and I made really great progress in Swedish, but then I had a dark winter there – that’s where I found out I had HIV.”

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