John Grant Neko Case

Listen to this conversation and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in an airport lounge eavesdropping on two smart, funny, mutually-admiring musicians.

Neko Case and John Grant have been friends on social media for a few years — a recent Twitter exchange began with Neko exclaiming that “falling in love should feel like the intro to ‘Get Down Tonight’” with John responding, “But should last a tad longer perhaps.”

When we got them together — John was here with me at NPR’s Washington, D.C. studios and Neko was in a studio in Vermont — the relationship blossomed. “I have written down here the first thing I was going to say to you. ‘Neko Case, you are definitely one of the modern reasons to get out of bed,'” John Grant said. “Now I’m blushing,” Neko replied.

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